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breakdown of traffic from social networks by country

This vis shows a breakdown of traffic from various countries to social networks. It shows how much traffic, normalized by the country's total traffic, originates from the selected social network. This is a product of the bitly science team and the full writeup can be found at the bitly blog
Select a social network on the right to change what network the colors on the map are tracking. Click on a country to see a breakdown of their traffic on the right

The map indicates how the proportion of a country's traffic from the selected social network compared to the proportion for the world as a whole. A very red country indicates the social network is especially popular in that country. An example of this is the lack of traffic originating from twitter in China because of that country's blocks on the website. On the right, we see a breakdown over all tracked social networks for the selected country.

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Click on a country in the world-map to see a detailed overview of it's usage of all social networks